Monday, April 6, 2009

News of the Week: 06 April 2009

Randy Moss the NFL receiver is a stylish bass dies eating bait fish as a prank in front of school removes fish spear from man's brain...$100 to fish with a pro...lures with flair...the collecting bug...rock snot...12 year old better angler than you, catches monster old catfish record is restored...a 90 pound carp...Australia uncovers the world's dumbest must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Randy Moss is not just the best receiver in the NFL, he is one mean hand with a fishing rod (and a Swisher Sweet too).

Man dies eating a bait fish in front of schoolchildren. As a prank. Seriously.

Doctor removes fish spear from a diver's brain.

How $100 can get you a seat in a boat next to a bass pro.

From the Office Space files: The Washington Times declares that anglers prefer lures with flair.

Versatile spinners and spoons can meet most conditions for angling.

One man opines on the collecting bug.

Ah, the smells of spring. April rain, flowers blooming, and of course, rock snot.

Fishing is a expensive hobby.

12 year old better angler than you; catches monster bonefish.

Ex Denver Bronco player turns to fishing to fuel his competitive drive.

An old catfish record is restored.

A British citizen goes ice fishing...

In Malaysia, a quest for queenfish.

By the light of the Silvery Spoon.

Bay area fishing radio host Mel Berman is still reeling in listeners after a quarter century.

A metal rod may not have collector value, but it sure has sentimental value.

A commercial fishing crew nets a 90-pound carp on the Mississippi.

Why the spike in fishing has tackle companies thriving, despite the weak economy.

Finishing with a Flourish: Australia uncovers the world's dumbest anglers.

-- Dr. Todd

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