Monday, April 13, 2009

News of the Week: 14 April 2009

A monster sea worm terrorizes an aquarium...19th century salmon flies...the dracula fish is all show...Xenia, Ohio ca. 1923--where the book stores sold fishing tackle...a poet is an angler...dancing the Tarpon Tango...Joe's Sports is history...a brief history of the in-line spinner...why the tackle industry will surpass 20 billion by argument over tackle ends up with one man must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: A museum mystery is solved when aquarium worked in Britain discover what was destroying their coral reef, eating their rare fish, and demolishing traps set to destroy. Oh, it's just your every day, average four foot long giant sea worm with poisonous barbs.

Hatches Magazine has an awesome article on 19th Century Salmon Flies.

The new Dracula fish is a fraud.

Australia's fishing bonanza is a cash cow.

In Xenia, Ohio in 1923, Boring's Book Store sold fishing tackle...really.

In Philly they are hooked on a hobby.

This poet is also an angler.

It's that time again to dance the Tarpon Tango.

Some pieces of old angler wisdom.

Seattle laments the passing of Joe's Sports.

Chesapeake Bay is already producing big Stripers.

Hampton Roads has a new fishing blogger.

A bit of history of the in-line spinner.

Chad Love digs classic tackle.

Analysts believe the fishing tackle industry will surpass 20 billion dollars by 2015!

If its big cod you're looking for, try Norway.

Researchers are looking for help to study the disappearing tuna.

The Chicago Sun-Times writes on muskies.

Does this look like the face of a man who'd shoot another man over fishing tackle? Many thanks to Beebe Stephenson for sending this link my way...

-- Dr. Todd

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