Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lang's Week, Part I

We are fortunate to have a pair of experts weigh in on the upcoming Lang's auction. They've been asked to survey the on-line catalog and pick out items of interest with the following provisos: they don't have to be the most expensive, and they should be items that they themselves aren't bidding on.

Our first expert, Dean Smith, needs little introduction. With three decades of collecting experience, Dean has expertise in numerous areas. Here are his choices:

1. Edward vom Hofe size 3 ½ Perfection, with case ( Lot 1). I like this reel for a few reasons.

a. It is the preeminent American fly reel.

b. The 3 ½ size is incredibly rare.

c. It belonged to my friend Marty Keane.

2. Edward vom Hofe size 3 ½ Peerless, with case ( Lot 965). Even though it has a hairline crack in the back, this, along with the Perfection mentioned above, make the most handsome pair of fly reels I can imagine.

3. Marty Keane’s personal copy of his book “Classic Rods & Rodmakers” ( Lot 270). With this book Marty Keane brought bamboo rodmakers and their craft into the limelight …and put collecting bamboo rods on the map. To this day it is the definitive work on the subject. What better copy to own than the author’s copy.

4. B.F. Meek #6 ( Lot 1061). If you are going to buy just one KY reel in this auction …this is it. It’s not often that hard-rubber KY reels turn up for sale …and this looks to be a stellar example.

5. Sam Carlson 7½’ Quadrate rod. This is the stuff dreams are made of …a short, 3-piece, Carlson quad. Can you imagine how good either of the aforementioned vom Hofe reels would look on this rod !?!


Our next expert is Gary Smith. Gary is the assistant editor of The NFLCC Magazine and a collector of tremendous knowledge and passion. Here are his choices:

Going through the Lang auction catalog is always an enjoyable exercise. All too often it becomes a wistful experience too, knowing full well that there are collectibles out there I can't afford, that will forever elude me. Such is life….

Having said that, I've found a few auction items that intrigue me, and I'd like to share those with you.

(Lot 1260) The large wooden creel. I'm wondering if this was actually used as a creel or more as a storage container. Regardless, I love the look of it and I like the time period--circa 1930. I also wonder if it perhaps doubled as a canoe seat, as the folks at Lang's suggest. Ah, the utility! Definitely an unusual item and one that one add charm to anyone's plug room.

(Lot 1771) The Pflueger experimental lure. I like this lure not only because it looks cool, but because it's a fascinating part of Pflueger history as well. You can't help but speculate about the testing process of that time and how lure designs were evaluated before the decision was made to proceed with production or forego the idea. Regardless, it's a one of a kind item and it's going to bring a lot of happiness into someone's life.

(Fishing post cards) There are so many interesting post cards in this auction and so many I'd like to have for my small collection. Whether mailed or not, the cards tell a story and they are highly evocative. For me, fishing-related post cards have always added a pleasant dimension to old tackle collecting.

As I've said before, collecting is best enjoyed when it becomes a shared experience. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the fun.

Many thanks to Dean and Gary for submitting their choices....what are yours? You can check out both day catalogs by Clicking Here. Tune in tomorrow to see mine!

-- Dr. Todd

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