Thursday, December 4, 2014

Is This the Rarest Fishing Tackle Display Item Ever or just the Coolest?

Is this the rarest dealer display in history? From the March 30, 1930 Sporting Goods Dealer comes this moving display for Shakespeare Marhoff reels. I would ask if anyone has seen this before, but I imagine that no one has. I hope I’m wrong, as it’s the absolute coolest thing ever!

Shakespeare Provided Unique Tackle Display

The Shakespeare Company reports that it is offering to dealers a window display that is decidedly different in the new Shakespeare “Marhoff” reel display.

“Anglers who see it stop, look, and rub their eyes, for here is a mechanical display that reproduces most realistically all the thrill of plating a real fish in the open,” says the company. “Actually, the fish struggles and the miniature effectively renew the old itch to go fishin’.” One naturally split bamboo rod bends, as the excited angler plays the fish at the end of a piece of real ‘Super-Silk” Line. All the excitement, all the thrill of hooking onto a big one are there. It would be difficult to imagine a window true that would more effectively … It is a sales quickener, not only for fishing tackle but for other departments.”

The Marhoff reel display, states the company, may be obtained free of charge with an order for six Marhoff reels. Separately, it may be ordered for $2, which will later be refunded when the dealer’s orders for Marhoff reels increase to six. As the company expects that the display will sell at least six reels for each dealer, it recommends obtaining the display free of charge at the outset. The motive power for the display is furnished by any electric fan that a dealer happens to have on hand.

— Dr. Todd

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Unknown said...

That is an outstanding display. One that I have not seen in 30 years of collecting. Would love to know if one actually exists in anyone's collection today.