Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Art of the Lure with Elissa Ruddick: The #901 Heddon “Lone-Eagle” Kit

Heddon’s No. 901 “Complete Bait Casting Outfit for Expert or Novice” was introduced in their 1931 catalog for a “Special Combined Price of $16.85.” The one in the photo is the earliest version with the “Kit Box” that was “sturdily made of heavy fiber-board, covered by a serviceable and waterproof cloth in Spanish Leather finish.” I suppose the waterproof cloth covered fiber-board didn’t hold up that well, as they were soon using a metal box. I love the colorful graphics inside the box lid as much as anything. On the right hand side, it reads,

1931 Heddon Catalog cut.

“The Old Guide’s Choice!”
A Famous Guide and Veteran Fisherman made this selection as being a practical and compact outfit for all game-fish.
A valuable addition to regular equipment of experienced anglers for short trips or to keep in the car; also for guests at camps. An ideal outfit for the less experienced fisherman who wants something good. For Boy Scouts and Young America everywhere, it is a worthwhile present for all occasions.”

Well I’m no “Boy Scout” or “Young America”, but I certainly consider this outfit a “worthwhile present for all occasions!”
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— Elissa Ruddick

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