Monday, December 8, 2014

In the News: Can a New “Acoustic” Rod Grip Help You Catch Fish?

Inventor Robert Bebout has developed a new fishing idea. Not your regular tackle idea, but one that ties the angler to the fish by a musical note … wait, what? An 81-year old former veteran, Bebout developed the acoustic rod grip despite not being a rod builder himself.

The idea is that the fishing line can transfer energy from the end where the fish bites to the end where the angler holds the rod. The Acoustic Rod Grip allows the angler, according to Bebout, to feel the fish. He got the idea from a guitar playing friend of his, and uses graphite as the acoustic medium for his grips.

It’s an interesting idea and I would imagine that for live bait fishermen it would have great utility. Plus, it’s interesting to think of your rod as a musical instrument!

— Dr. Todd


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