Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Art of the Lure by Elissa Ruddick: Miller’s Original Wood Minnow

Also known as the “Miller’s Reversible,” this unique lure was produced by the Union Springs Specialty Co. of Union Springs-On-Cayuga Lake, N.Y. from 1913 to 1920. One glance at this stunning wood and metal contraption is all it takes to know it would certainly gain the attention of any game fish that it came close to, and probably even fish that it wasn’t so close to. The lures were equipped with a pair of propellers, one gold in color and one silver in color, which had eight varying length blades each that moved in opposite directions of one another when the lure was retrieved. That’s where the term “reversible” came into play! They were only made in three colors, No. 1. Yellow (Yellow body parts and head, with gold spots), No. 2. Mottled (White body, with blended red and green decorations), and No. 3. White (White body parts, with red head having gold spots). Note that the lure pictured is adorned with Pflueger’s Neverfail hooks and hook hardware. This places the lure as circa 1916, when the rear body section was fattened and the Neverfail hook hangers replaced the simple screw eye and washer hook hangers. Apparently there was a connection between Pflueger and Union Springs Specialty Co.

I’m not sure how many different items the Union Springs Specialty Co. produced and sold, but from looking at the advertisement flyer that was placed in the box with the minnow and minnow box paper, I see they did produce and sell “The Little Boston Safety Razor.” Wonder if the safety razors had advertisements for the Miller’s Original Wood Minnow in with them?! Wait a minute … is it just me, or did they place a picture of the minnow in an upside down position as compared to the writing on the box top? Oh I sure wish they would have “REVERSED” that!

If you have any questions/comments, Elissa Ruddick can be reached at elissaruddick AT aol DOT com.

-- Elissa Ruddick

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