Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In the News: A Shakespeare Collection Dreams Are Made Of

Recently the CustomMade blog ran a feature on NFLCC member Frank Rybarcyk's Shakespeare fishing tackle collection. If you have read the article yet, you need to do that ASAP.

What Frank has done is not just put together a world-class collection, but also to make it accessible. Those are not the same things. I have seen some great collections in my day, and a lot of them are stored either partially or almost completely in plastic bins and cardboard boxes. If we all spent more time figuring out how to display what we have, I think we'd all enjoy our collections a whole lot more in the long run.

Displaying fishing tackle can be a tedious and difficult affair. However, it is ultimately the best reward, as you can fully enjoy what you've spent so much time putting together. Whether it is reels, rods, lures, or miscellaneous tackle you collect, you can always find a visually appealing and interesting way to display it, like Frank has.

-- Dr. Todd

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