Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Art of the Lure: Pflueger Trade Minnow “The New Winner No. 8683”

We’ve all heard the term, “what’s in a name?”, but what’s in a number? Pflueger, as well as many other major tackle companies, made “trade minnows” for hardware companies and mail order catalog companies that were slightly lesser in quality than their own name brand lures. Sears and Roebuck marketed their “The New Winner” three hook green crackle back wooden minnows as part number 9006, so why is this one in a box marked 8683? Everything about the combo is correct, except the number!

Everything about the combo seems right. It looks like it has always been together. It was found this way. Mint box, with mint lure, with original tissue paper in the bottom of the box, so what’s up with this No. 8683? This is driving me crazy! Ok, it’s only one thing on a long list, but I’ve got to find the answer!

Ah, alas, the mystery has been solved! The 1910 Sears and Roebuck catalog has a No. 6T8683 complete “Expert Bait Casting Outfit” for $5.37! This is part of what makes collecting and researching our vintage fishing tackle fun, and now I can take this off of the list of things that drive me crazy. A win, win situation!

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Bill Sonnett said...

As you might guess from the illustration the first "Winner" that Sears sold was a Harkauf. As in all "trade" deals" companies went with who gave them the best product for the money. Hence, the "New" Winner was a Pflueger product. 1906 Sears catalog illustrates the Harkauf version of which Clyde Harbin had a nice example in the box which was illustrated in earlier editions of Luckeys