Monday, May 12, 2014

In the News: Paul George Goes Fishing, Saves A Friend (and his Team)

Last week, we wrote about how Paul George -- the great shooting guard for the Indiana Pacers -- helped get his head right earlier in the NBA playoffs by going fishing.

Recently, Paul George the fisherman took it upon himself to help out a teammate. Roy HIbbert, an all-pro center who has had horrible confidence problems this playoffs (three consecutive games without a point). So, what did George do? He took Hibbert fishing. Here are the immediate results:

That's Hibbert holding a bass. But how, you ask, has this affected Hibbert's play on the court? Well, since the fishing trip, Hibbert is averaging over double digits in points and has returned to being the menacing presence in the paint he was for the past two years. And his team? Up 3-1 on the Washington Wizards and looking at a return trip to the conference championships.

This seals it. FIshing heals all. As Hibbert himself declared:

We fished for about two hours and just relaxed and didn't talk about basketball. We just talked about life and tried to catch some bass. He reached out and got my mind off things and this is hopefully something I can build on. He's a great teammate, so I really do appreciate him reaching out 'cause he didn't have to.

I for one am unabashedly on the side of Team Fishing -- the Indiana Pacers.

-- Dr. Todd

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