Saturday, December 27, 2008

UNID Files #12: The Case of the Early English

UNID Files #12: The Case of the Early English

Wayne LeBoeuf of New Braunfels, Texas send me the following email and pictures:

In the early seventies, my father, brother and I were guided by Rudy Grigar in the Galveston area. Rudy gave me two handmade baits that I thought he had made. After purchasing the book, PLUGGER, and reading a bit of it and doing some research, I think these baits look more like Doug English colors. They're made out of hard, white plastic and appear to be hand molded.

So, my Texas friends, are these early Doug English hand molded lures? The colors ARE reminiscent of English lures, but perhaps someone out there can ID them for Wayne. He can be reached at wjleboeuf AT att DOT net.

-- Dr. Todd

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