Monday, December 29, 2008

News of the Week: 29 December 2008

Kyle vs. the Giant's that time for boat and fishing shows...angling for memories...what is fishing's future?...big fish come from bad weather...the skinny about fishing themed t-shirts...angling in Madagascar...metalheads return to the Windy City...a Lefty Kreh book...the history of the Like Like Lure must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: The tale of Kyle versus the Giant Squid.

It's boat and tackle show time!

British saltwater anglers are up in arms over proposed quota plans.

For one Missouri writer, when Old Man Winter comes, the angler goes.

The Byron Press isangling for memories.

What is fishing's future and your role in it?

One angler gets a monster reward for braving the elements.

The last time we'll mention the ASA's Top 10 Fishing Inventions.

From Canada comes a Christmas fish story.

An article themed t-shirts???

Britain's Daily Express goes Madagascar???

In Albert Lea, MN, anglers are flocking to ice fishing.

Metalheads are returning to Chicago...

This 86 year old angler is still fishing strong.

Another review of the Lefty Kreh book.

The Denver Post reviews Cast-Off Cabin, a fishing-themed getaway.

Finishing With a Flourish: A neat history of the Life Like Company, makers of rubber fishing lures (among other things).

-- Dr. Todd


Bill Sonnett said...

If I read one more time that monofilament line was invented in 1958 I will go over the edge. What was that clear, nylon, single strand line we used on our spinning reels all through the early 1950's?

Teal said...

True enough is particularly infuriating considering how many people have read this ASA Top 10 thing!