Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gratuitous Fish Pictures

Starting this week I'm going to start running an occasional feature on the blog: Gratuitous Fish Pictures. This week's gratuitous fish pictures come courtesy of Dale Caudell of Riverside, California. Here is his brief description of this fishing trip and some cook photos:

Todd: I was on a 10 day trip aboard the First String which returned on 11-20 08. This fish was caught on a Avet Whoo reel using 350 yds, 80 lb spectra with a topshot of Izorline (130 yds. & a 100lb steel leader). It took about 40 minutes of fighting the fish. It was 62 inches long & tipped the scales at 83.5 lbs...this was not to easy as I am 67 years old.

Man, this makes me very jealous I am not fishing right now. Thanks Dale!

Anyone who wants to submit some photos for Gratuitous Fish Pics feel free to email me!

-- Dr. Todd

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