Monday, December 1, 2008

News of the Week: 01 December 2008

Joe Yates gets profiled...rememberin' Smokey Joe's fishin' car...the joys of the Rapala line clipper...Shimano tackle profits are down but overall profits up...a San Diego mechanic catches a record yellowfin tuna...North Carolina's Got-Cha lures...Australia is hiding its big fish behind bikini-clad models...the fishing is good in South Africa...Kenya too...a Brit is selling pieces of a Scottish salmon river...the therapeutic qualities of must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Our own Joe Yates gets profiled by Collector's Weekly.

Our own Dudley Murphy also gets profiles as well.

Remembering Smokey Joe and his fishin' car.

Even Britain is feeling the pinch; Barnstable tackle shop closing after 25 years.

Extolling the virtues of the Rapala line clipper.

Texas hatcheries to release 268,000 rainbows statewide.

A Brit goes sturgeon fishing in Canada.

The Maine Outdoor Journal asks the question "can you have too many flies?" No. No you can't.

Kenya's Coast Week laments the fact we have not tagged every fish we have caught.

From the Good News/Bad News Files: Shimano's profits are up, but fishing tackle profits are down.

Local San Diego mechanic lands record 381-pound yellowfin.

A little profile of North Carolina's Got-Cha Lures.

Orvis seems to be weathering the economic downturn well.

Frozen fun on Little Detroit Lake.

From the Easy to Overlook Files: An awesome slide show of Aussie big catches (linked to the left of the scantily clad woman in the bikini holding the fishing rod).

The Chicago Sun-Times fish of the week is a massive 38 pound carp.

The fishing is pretty good right now in South Africa.

The Edmonton Journal says ice fishing gear is the perfect gift this holiday season.

A Norwich man who owns a Scottish river is selling one-meter square plots for 30 pound each. For those of you who've always wanted a piece of a Scottish river, that is.

The Conway Daily Sun emphatically declares that women like fishing, too.

Finishing with a Flourish: Why fishing is not just about catching fish, but the therapeutic qualities of the act of fishing.

-- Dr. Todd

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