Saturday, December 6, 2008

The UNID Files #11: The Jim Harvey Imposter?

The UNID Files #11: The Jim Harvey Imposter?

Jim Garrett sent me this lure and asked if I thought it was a Harvey as it came in the Harvey box below. Here is the text of his message:

Hi Todd - I need a favor.  Would you be willing to show this fly on the blog and ask if anyone can help explain some contradictory information.  A co-collector purchased two P-1951 boxes with the flies shown below inside.
I also have an advertisement from May 1951 Field and Stream which shows the Jim Harvey Flapjack as a different lure completely.
I have discussed this with Bill Stuart and we have been unable to reach any conclusion.
I can think of three explanations:  1) someone put the wrong flies inside the P-1951 boxes.  2) the ad shows the wrong pic for the Jim Harvey Flapjack. 3) Local Industries issued two lures at different times called the Flapjack.  Any thoughts? 

My first impression is that I've seen this lure before and that it isn't a Harvey, but I can't for the life of me remember where (Marathon? Weber?).

Anyone with any information on this mystery please email Jim at reelguys AT aol DOT com.

-- Dr. Todd

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myaccord7 said...

i saw them online awhile ago. i dont know what to think. i was told that the flapjack is the same as the pawpaw flapjack. just like harveys cork frog, same as a marathon frog. but ive never seen a harvey flapjack besides that ad. and that fly looks too big for those boxes....