Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Review: This Weekend's Lang's Auction

Hey, guess what time of year it is? Lang's Auction Time! It's like Christmas come early for the collecting world.

The on-line catalog is now available -- here the links to the October 20, 2012 and October 21, 2012 auction catalogs. As always, I'm going to offer you the 15 Things I Would Like To Buy from the Lang's Auction.

This is an exceptional Stan Bogdan Anniversary set of reels.

Nothing will beat this Philbrook & Paine marbleized salmon reel.

This is an incredibly rare George Snyder Kentucky reel.

This Penn Prototype spinning reel is incredible.

A 9' Garrison salmon rod is beyond rare.

This Wing Tip Leather Creel is superb.

A very large Ideal Float would make the centerpiece of a great float collection.

A 1909 Bristol Horton calendar is one of many such treasures in this auction.

Wow. This is an incredible Fly-Oreno 12-Pack!

A Charmer Underwater Minnow is a true classic.

Who wouldn't want these two Creek Chub Factory Prototypes?

A Joliet Spinner in the picture box is a great find.

Who wouldn't like this Moonlight Floating Bait No. 1 ?

This Live Action Frog display is incredible!

This 12 pack Shur Katch display is beautiful.

So make sure to register for Live Auctioneers if you haven't already and go find your own gems in the 2-day extravaganza! For first time bidders, if you see something you really, really want, make sure to put in a phone bid. To learn more go to the Lang's Auction home page.

-- Dr. Todd

1 comment:

MC said...

Hello Dr,
Just wanted to comment and make anyone reading this aware, the picture you have posted for the Moonlight Floating Bait No1 is a picture of the correct box, but that lure is not a Moonlight No1. The lure in that picture is actually a Markham Day or Night. The Markham was the predecessor to the Moonlight No1. The Markham is worth nearly 3x what the No1 is worth.