Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Review: Crossroads Angling Auction Auction This Weekend!

Crossroads Angling Auction Auction This Weekend!

Steve Starrantino's new Crossroads Anging Auctions launches this weekend with an awesome listing of tackle. To view the online auction catalog at Live Auctioneers, and put in some bids, you can click here. The live auction itself is in Hillburn, New York. They even produced an actual physical catalog! It's super cool.

There is a TON of awesome tackle in this auction! I'm going to choose my top 10 items.

This Joe Janiciuras trout reel with leather case is flat out amazing.

An Ernest Holzman salmon fly reel would be incredible.

I love this George E. Hart Celluloid trolling reel.

A Kitchen's Trout reel is unbelievably reel.

Per Brandin is a true master, and this 702-2 is incredible.

Of all the incredible Theodore Gordon fishing tackle, this fly rod is the coolest.

This Rhead lithograph is incredible.

This Wakeman Holberton catalog is superb.

This Cabinet Card of this Pennsylvania fly tier is really cool.

An A&F mahogany tackle box like this has to be seen to be believed.

It's a really nice selection of tackle for their first offering. I will be bidding and hope that they'll do well!

-- Dr. Todd

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