Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tackle Tips by Big Nemo

Display Tips volume No. 3

BY: “Big Nemo”

We have all wanted to display original tackle paper work and have struggled with the problem of how to do it. The answer is simple DON’T DO IT!

They’re much too rare to expose to objects that could harm their integrity in any way. Take your piece to the copy shop and make a high resolution copy. If it’s done right it will look as good as and sometimes better than the original. Now store your original away in a safe place. I put mine in acid free plastic sleeves and into a three ring binder, then into the safe or book shelves for storage.

Now for the mounting project. I have a little frame shop in town I do business with on occasion and they’re happy to cut Plexiglas to any size I want. I take the trimmed paper to them and have it cut to fit with a little wiggle room on the out sides. I have also had them add holes in the corners for mounting but have discontinued this as it’s not necessary. I put the paper behind the glass and secure it with four straight pins at an angle as to put pressure on the glass to hold the paper tight top and bottom.

Now if you want to add a lure or two you can do that as well. I take a lure that is the same as the one pictured on the paper work and add a tiny dab of hot glue from a hot glue gun to the back side and set in on the Plexiglas to hold it in place. I have never had a problem with this as a little heat from a hair dryer will releases the glue from the lure and glass with no damage. I use lures that are not in great condition but have a good side just to be safe. Be sure and use low priced craft glue from Hobby Lobby or a craft store, don’t use industrial glue from Lowes or Home depot as it’s too strong and not needed and may harm your lures. This is where I add my disclaimer.

“I‘m not responsible for any damage done to anything using the above listed instructions for mounting lures to Plexiglas”.

This mounting idea also works great for catalogs on your display board, this adds information and sometimes color to your display and that is always a good thing. If you don’t want to use Plexiglas just have the paper work copy laminated and mount it with two way tape. If you do this it now looks like a copy because no one would believe you were so dumb that you lamented you 100 year old paper work.

Hope this helps you enjoy you collection more having the paper work makes the display much more interesting to the non collector and seasoned one as well.

Next time will visit the right display case for your needs. Till then, remember to take pride in your collection and others will to.

-- Big Nemo

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