Monday, April 23, 2012

News of the Week: 23 April 2012

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A woman espouses on why she won't buy a pink fishing rod…record tuna is disallowed…Minnesotans rally for increase in license fees…whats the worst thing that's ever happened while fishing?…Joe Cermele has a new episode of Hot Shots…a discourse on bugs…big fish wins Potbelly contest…Trout hall-of-fame inducts Joan Wulff and Forrest Wood…Ted Williams' artifacts go up for sale…great pike by George!…fishing the River Tweed…it must be the NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Lori Day and the Huffington Post gives us 10 reasons why she will not be buying a pink fishing rod .

A 427 pound Yellowfin will not be making the record books.

Minnesota is rallying for a hunting and fishing license INCREASE--and its led by Al Lindner.

What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you while fishing?

A special fly rod built to catch wild trout.

Joe Cermele has a new episode of Hot Shots.

A discourse on bugs.

Massive 6 pound 6 ounce rainbow tops Potbelly's Trout Fishing contest.

Former NBA star Keith van Horn is co-founder of the Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club.

Trout Hall-of-Fame inducts Joan Wulff and Forrest L. Wood.

House passes bill to preserve lead in New Jersey fishing.

Alnwick's Lynx Fishing is hiring 40 new workers.

Rapala is refinancing its bank debt.

One man's fishy miscalculations.

Great pike, by George!

Northland Tackle and Tackle Tamer become partners.

Finishing with a Flourish: Emma Kennedy goes fishing on the River Tweed.

-- Dr. Todd

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