Sunday, April 1, 2012

1000 Words (Bonus)

1000 Words

In response to Bill Sonnett's neat Deconstructing Old Ads yesterday, Doug Bucha sent in this cool photo of the "Fisherman's Chest." Doug writes:

Thought you, Bill and other collectors might like to see my, "Fisherman's Chest". Found this one up in the rafters of a garage at a sale thirty years ago in Niles, cost $5.00. Along with my Gilson Box this is my second favorite one. These were the best two wooden boxes ever made. By the way Bill, the box is 12 pounds EMPTY.

Wow. That is one incredible tackle box! I love it. Anyone got a spare???

-- Dr. Todd


Unknown said...

I have the same one.. not as lucky a find as yours as I purchased at an auction however proud to own it as I continue to fill with lures of the same time period.

Unknown said...

I also have the same Fishermans chest started my fishing tackle addiction! Make me an offer!