Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Fishing Themed Magazine Cover, Part II

I got such a nice response to last week's article on fishing-themed magazine covers, I decided to put up another dozen of my favorites. It includes my all-time favorite fishing magazine cover (saved for last, naturally).

1917 Parisian magazine with risque angling cover.

Lovely 1910s Cosmopolitan magazine cover.

A Saturday Evening Post fishing cover.

Another Saturday Evening Post fishing cover.

Argosy was a popular magazine that often featured fishing articles and covers.

Child Life gives us a nifty 1920s angling cover.

Even obscure magazines, like Bangor's Good Stories, could have wonderful angling covers.

St. Nicholas was an old and established magazine.

This 1950s Screen Fun cover came from a pin-up or girly magazine.

Hygeia was a 1950s physical fitness and health magazine.

Rugged was an obscure 1960s men's magazine.

This Hearst magazine cover is my all-time favorite angling cover.

-- Dr. Todd