Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Fishing Themed Magazine Cover

The Fishing Themed Magazine Cover

One of the most overlooked, yet in my mind one of the coolest, fishing collectables are old fishing-themed magazine covers. I'm not talking about sporting magazines, but rather mainstream magazines and journals that carried fishing or tackle on the cover. Many of these covers have startling beautiful artwork or iconic photography. I particularly like obscure magazines (at least by today's standards) that feature fishing on the cover. I'm going to share today twelve favorites of mine.

An 1890s American Fish Culture magazine.

The Country Gentleman was a popular magazine for eastern sports.

The Farmer's Wife boasted a circulation of a million!

Norman Rockwell did a few fishing themed Saturday Evening Post covers, but this iconic image was not his.

Who wouldn't love this New Metropolitan magazine cover!

Elks Magazine (for the fraternal order) had an annual fishing issue every spring.

The 1930s produced my favorite covers, including this Woman's World one.

Even business magazines--like Nation's Business--had fishing covers.

Another neat Country Gentleman cover.

The New Yorker had a number of great covers, too.

This Star Weekly may be my favorite cover of this batch.

The 1950s produced some fun covers as well.

I'm sure I'll post more of these in the future…

-- Dr. Todd

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