Thursday, November 8, 2007

Review: The Reel News, Nov. 2007

The latest issue of ORCA's The Reel News hit the mailbox yesterday, which as usual, paralyzes life in the Larson household for the next hour or so. Read the issue from cover to cover, and its another winner.

The November issue (Vol. 17, No. 6) contains a spectacular article on a fishing reel you probably didn't know exist--the Lew Morrison "Superfine" reels from Wisconsin. Written by Chris Slusar--2007 NFLCC Nationals "Best in Show" winner--the article contains information never before published, and is a significant contribution to the history of reel making in America.

Additionally, the regular columnists offered up some interesting fare. Bob Miller's ever-popular "Pflueger Pfacts" column deals this issue with the Pflueger Ohio, one of the longest lived (and most overlooked) Pflueger saltwater reel. As always, its well done and informative. Yours truly penned "The Song of Hiawatha Reels: Fishing Reels of the Gamble's Stores" which cover the nice selection of reels sold by this great store chain. Stu Lawson's "Predicting Tomorrow's Reel Collections" was another entertaining commentary, and is going to make me try and hunt down some info on the Tanahashi Sideplates from Japan. We should all congratulate Ben Wright as he is a new grandfather, and wrote a moving little piece about collecting for his granddaughter's future for his "Spinning Lines" column. A hearty congratulation go out to Ben and his family! Jim Schottenham's always anticipated "Auction Report" details us on the past two months of auction activity. Finally, Col. Milton's "Reel Fix" tackles the Langley White Cap reel, as always with exploded drawings. Roger Schulz offered a review of the new Philips Fly and Tackle book.

Other contributions include a nifty piece by Jack Bright on miniature reels, a commentary on Pam and Brian Barnes--Florida tackle dealers--by Ed Slane, and Dale Noll's great photo lesson on how to unstick a stuck gear post. Well done Dale!

The Reel News is ably edited by Richard K. Lodge. For all the ORCA members out there, your dues forms are printed on blue at the center of the issue, so don't forget to renew. For those who aren't ORCA members, what's up with that? Join now and get into the fun. Click the ORCA link on the list of the links to the right.

-- Dr. Todd

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