Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Funhouse

The Friday Funhouse

Video of the Week

Here is a great video that was posted on Joe's a bit back, featuring Lee Wulff and some leaping salmon. It's entitled "Salar the Leaper."

Things I Would Buy If I Could Afford Them

This is a nice 3-hook Detroit Glass Minnow Tube.

The Chamberlain Cartridge & Target Co. reels don't often come to market. Pity about the terrible pictures.

What to get the Shakespeare collector who has everything? The
1972 Shakespeare Salesman's Conference Parker Pen.

Here is a nice early Swedish Record reel.

This is a nice later Bristol product:
the Electromatic Casting Reel

One of the all time greatest lures ever made: The Pflueger May Bug.

A nice Heddon is this Spin Diver in a box.

But the Heddon of the Week is this Jim Heddon Rod & Reel Kit.

-- Dr. Todd

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