Monday, November 5, 2007

News of the Week, 05 November 2007

Secret American plan to undermine Iraq’s infrastructure by secretly stocking sharks in inland rivers…an amphibious RV that allows you to fish while driving…an Indian fisherman lands an explosive catch…Former TV Bachelor and pro bass fisherman trying to make world realize he’s still alive…a 400 year old quahog…it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

THE BIG LEAD: Shark caught over 100 miles from sea in Euphrates River near Nassiriya, Iraq; Americans blamed. Seriously. “75% chance Americans put the shark in the water.” Because, as we all know, a significant part of rebuilding the country’s infrastructure is to release live sharks in inland rivers. This is clearly the story of the year.

Operation Iraqi Shark, a.k.a. Weapons of Bass Destruction

Illinois has two state records broken in one angling year.

A 38.6 pound Northern Pike from the Chew Valley. It's in Britain, silly.

Amphibious RV allows anglers to fish while driving. Still wouldn’t be as dangerous as teenage girls driving while text messaging…

In Alumni News: Univ. of Illinois Prof. studies catch-and-release.

Ben Wright's October spinning reel monthly report is now up.

Phil White's October eBay Report is also available.

CATCH OF THE DAY: Indian Fisherman lands...a rocket launcher.

Kevin Costner likes Turkish fishermen.

UK’s Angling Times writer Greg Whitehead catches a monster Chub.

Professional angler and former tv “Bachelor” Byron Velvick is not checking out.

From the Home Grown Files: A 50 Pound Musky comes out of Mill Lacs Lake, Minnesota.

Fisherman boat a 400-year old quahog off Iceland.

Kissimmee hopes to attract European bass anglers; genetically modifying bass to grow mouse ears not considered at this time.

The Philippines has launched a Fish Conservation Week.

The final C.A.S.T. for Kids tournament will be held this following weekend in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

From Richard Lodge, editor of ORCA’s Reel News, comes an article on Lang’s, from his day job as editor of The Metro West Daily News in Framingham, Mass.

The Moberly Monitor reports that Bass Pro Shops wants your antique tackle and memorabilia for a display in Denton Springs, LA. Only problem: they don’t want to pay for it.

The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History unveils "Seeing Wonders: The Nature of Fly Fishing.” The exhibit includes Babe Ruth’s E.F. Payne rod, the Shakespeare rod used by Ted Williams; Bing Crosby’s Orvis rod, fishing net, pipe and flies are included, and Glenn Miller’s Paul Young rod.

The Detroit Free Press opines on the future of the fly rod. Looks surprisingly like the fly rod of today. Or yesterday.

The Jamaica Gleaner illustrates marlin fishing the hard way.

The Vindy asks: are you a real angler?

The Great Bridge Fisherman’s Association has a new cook book. Shockingly, it has lots of fish recipes.

The Times Colonist opines on plastic lures for salmon and steelhead.

From the Depressing File: The Connecticut Post tells us to put away our rods, fishing season is over.

KULR Channel 8 on your Helena, Montana TV dial, notes that Helena High Students instructed in fishing fundamentals.

The St. Petersburg Times shows us how mackerel can be whipped into a frenzy. I’ve always found name calling to work just fine.

FINISHING WITH A FLOURISH: The Florida Sportsman profiles disabled kids fishing with pros.

-- Dr. Todd

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