Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Review of the September 2007 NFLCC Gazette

The September 2007 NFLCC Gazette (Vol. 31, No. 113) arrived earlier this week, bundled with the latest directory. The evolution of the color Gazette continues, and this issue contains some interesting articles.

There is a nifty photographic review of the NFLCC Nationals in Louisville, including four full pages of color photos. A nice overview of the events for those unfortunate enough to have missed it.

The Reverend Bob Dennis offers a transcript of his Memorial Service from 13 June 2007--and it is a very moving sermon. So many collector friends of mine have weathered their own storms of late, and can find inspiration from this article.

Perhaps my favorite piece comes from over the pond, from Juha Wall in Espoo, Finland. Written in English, the title is Lauri Rapala and Born of Finnish Lures. I truly respect people who have written articles in other languages (I've done it in myself in German, Swedish and Norwegian and know the pratfalls first hand) so I recognized the title in English is actually "Lauri Rapala and the Origins of Finnish Lures," That's irrelevant, however, as there is tons of cool information on the origins of the Finnish Minnow of great interest to American collectors, and we can hope this is the first of many cross-Atlantic (and even cross-Pacific) articles.

Jack Looney offers a fascinating glimpse at the intersection between tackle companies and the public in "Watta Life! Jerry Schimmel, Field Tester" which covers the life and career of a field tester for the major tackle companies. A great article.

James M. Vermeulen gives us an original piece entitled "Milton Poe," detailing the originator and manufacturer of Poe's Lures. Don't miss the full color photos of Poe and his tackle which, unfortunately, are disconrguently placed on pages 36 and 38. It is a piece that covers many original aspects.

Kurt L. Munden of New Mexico and myself contributed the article "The History of T.S. Skilton, Part II," which may very well be the last article of the George Richey era, as we submitted this to George about a month before his untimely passing. It chronicles lots of new information on the Skilton company, and is a supplement to the original Skilton article from the September 2007 Gazette.

The final feature is a reprint of an article on fishing lures from the April, 1913 Outer's Magazine. This article takes up four pages, and one could question (considering the poor quality of the images taken from a photocopy) whether this should have been run in place of an original piece of research. Perhaps it would have been better to place this interesting piece up on the NFLCC Web Site, particularly considering the Gazette has over thirty articles awaiting publication.

All of this is peppered with regular features such as Secretary/Treasurer and Parliamentarian corners, a review of Wayne Ruby's The Pflueger Heritage, and the NFLCC Calendar and want ads.

Overall, a solid issue containing information you aren't going to find elsewhere.

-- Dr. Todd

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