Monday, September 10, 2007

News of the Week, 10 September 2007

Lots of interesting fishing and fishing tackle news this week.

Stocking program aimed at saving endangered Greenback Cutthroat Trout ruined because Fish & Wildlife officials stocked the wrong fish for the past twenty years. U.S. Fish & Wildlife claims "black eye" for its stocking program--no response from Greenback Cutthroat Trout population as they are pretty much extinct now.

CNN covered something called "Fly Fishing." Fox News chairman Rupert Murdoch irate over being scooped.

NBC's Today Show hunky anchorman Matt Lauer loves to fish. Elsewhere, fishing becomes immediately popular with Midwestern suburban housewives.

Matt Lauer shows off his little sunfish

Eddie Bauer fails to dominate suburban soccer mom market; returns to its manly origins.

The Worcester Telegram with breaking news: women like to fish. Next week from the Telegram: ice cream refreshing treat on hot day.

Not to be outdone, Britain's Fish and Fly alerts us to the startling fact that British women fly fish too.

From The Tuscaloosa News comes an interesting article by Robert DeWitt entitled There are many ways to part with a reel. Not listed: selling broken reel on eBay as like new.

Megabass lures from Japan are a big hit.

The Pocono Fish Guy from the Pocono Leader opines on fishing in windy weather.

Gordon McHenry (pictured) tells us about the latest baits for bass fishing. Somewhere, an esnipe is being set for October 2034.

Frank Sargeant tells us how to catch Big Fish, Big Tackle At Moderate Cost.

Terry Bowden is now making plastic worms in Alabama. Crimson Tide fans riot, not realizing Terry Bowden is the second most common name in Alabama.

The Charlotte News Observer breathlessly tells us that fly fishing has allure; wins prize for 100,000th article on fishing to use the word "allure."

The Waterloo Record reports that 9-year old invents Lure Buddy lure organizers. In other news, other 9-year olds don't notice as they are too busy playing video games.

The Denver Post tells us the new product lines from Colorado rod makers. Shockingly, Wright & McGill gets top billing.

The Independent alerts us to a a pair of Reel Men. Only Reel Men use vintage fishing reels...

Richard Simms says he wants to see Bill Dance catch a bass weighing under four pounds. Somewhere, Bill Dance and his editor are laughing.

The Denver Post tells us that Rattle Baits are a big success. Also Plastic Worms. And Coca-Cola.

Large lures work. Also, small lures. And medium sized ones.

-- Dr. Todd

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