Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Voices from the Past: Bill Jamison's Stolen Tackle (1919)

In an article in The American Angler for December 1919 by A.D. Arado entitled "Chicago Fly Casting Club" was a hidden gem that tells us how little has changed over the years. Even a titan of the tackle industry like William Jamison could have his tournament tackle stolen. As the article noted:

One of our members, "Smiling Bill" Jamison, notified us that he had been robbed of all his casting equipment, so if some unknown person happens to offer for sale any Meek reels, rods, or fly lines, such as we use at the Park, it will be well to report the matter to Jamison--Garfield 7533.

I don't know if the tackle was ever recovered (I doubt it), but it is a sad but telling moment.

-- Dr. Todd

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