Friday, July 5, 2013

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week

A great video of fishing at Ross Lake in the 1940s.

12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

This is just an Awesome Shakespeare Photo Finish lure in the box.

This Bogdan #0 is pretty damn awesome.

A musky Eger Dillinger is attracting a lot of interest.

A CCBC Wee Dee in the box is a nifty and weird bait.

This nice J.C. Conroy reel is pretty cool.

A Heddon 300 is a behemoth.

I love all Shakespeare Revolutions.

An early Pike Oreno in Pearl is a great bait!

A Heddon #45 in clean condition is attracting a lot of interest.

I like these Bingo advertising lures.

A vintage Heddon Dowagiac in a tough color? Oh yes.

This Winchester rod is a nice find.

As always, have a great weekend -- and be good to each other, and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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