Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NFLCC Nationals Reconsidered (Again)

There has been some more debate about the NFLCC Nationals -- which I was unable to attend -- and I thought I'd repost some information and editorializing we did on the subject last year for further edification. It seems almost everyone recognizes what is wrong; it also seems that little is being done to deal with the subject. Don't believe me? Download and read the proposals below and ask what has been implemented, and why.
Last week we had a vigorous and honest discussion about the state of the NFLCC Nationals. In the interest of preserving, and furthering, this discussion, I have excerpted the many posts from Joe's Board as well as anonymously editing some of the many emails sent to me on the subject matter.

I hope the powers that be -- and anyone interested in the future of our hobby and the NFLCC -- will take time to read and comment on this, and offer up a solution.

If someone could email this note to the appropriate NFLCC authorities, I would appreciate it. I would like the people in a position to make decisions to have this information at their disposal. They can then do with it as they please.

To download the 36 page document in PDF form, please Click Here

My thanks to everyone who kept this dialogue civil and interesting.

-- Dr. Todd

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