Saturday, July 27, 2013

Letterheadings with Jim Jordan: Joseph Pepper (1950)

This weeks feature is another advertising card from Joe E. Pepper Bait Company. This card is postmarked Rome , N.Y.  April 14 , 1950.

The address side of the card calls for fisherman to try Pepper's three hot lures. Illustrated are Pepper's Red Devil Spinner, Devil Eye Wobbler and Streamlined Minnow. Available at your favorite store. The reverse of the card introduces a new lure gift box for men. A heavy plastic six compartment box filled with six of Pepper's largest selling and most popular lures. As a sign of the times this 1950 era card is printed in a low quality mimeograph style. This low quality printing is a departure from the quality offset printing used on the companies advertising cards just two years earlier.

Best Regards,

Jim Jordan

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