Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Voices from the Past: Tony Accetta's Film (1939)

One of my favorite fishing characters of the 20th century was Tony Accetta. Accetta started out as a tournament caster and ended up as a major force in the tackle business, but it is his early days that intrigue me. Here is an article from the January 1939 Sporting Goods Dealer about one of his earliest forays into fishing films.

Accetta Fishing Movie Star

Tony Accetta, U.S. professional all-around bait and fly casting champion, is the star of a new two-reel sound film entitled "Let's Go Fishing." The movie was previewed early in January at a New York City motion picture studio by conservation authorities and newspapermen, who were there as guests of the Fisher Body division of General Motors, the firm that produced and will distribute it. Arthur Flynn of The Dealer, on behalf of the Fisher Body division, extended thanks to the above group for attending and welcomed them to the "party," after which he introduced Tony Accetta to the group. Accetta staged a short bait-casting demonstration prior to the showing of the picture.

William S. McLean, director of advertising for the automobile body-building organization, and Frank Chance of Arthur Kudner, Inc., their advertising agency, were present.

The picture is a comprehensive 20-minute lesson in fishing and casting, with considerable emphasis placed upon the fishermen learning the fundamentals of the sports. Ted Husing does the narration as the demonstration proceeds.

Prints of the picture will be made available to those expressing a desire to exhibit it in either 16 or 35 mm. sizes as required, but both require the use of a sound projector. There is no fee for the loan of the picture, the only cost to the user being payment of express charges to and from the Detroit headquarters of General Motors' Fisher Body Division, according to McLean. Applications for the film should be made as early as possible.

-- Dr. Todd

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