Saturday, September 25, 2010

Deconstructing Old Ads: 100 Years Ago Was a Different Era

1902 was only a little over a century ago, but it sometimes seems like a different world. Here's an ad run in the April 1902 Field & Stream. Can you imagine celebrating the 4th by letting the boys shoot off their .22 revolvers?

The second photo is extracted from a 1904 issue of National Sportsman. It shows a really neat photo of a big bass caught in Averill Park, N.Y. Averill Park is not a park per se, but rather a small hamlet of around 2000 people in East Central New York. It's possible the lake is Sand Lake, a famous local fishing water. It obviously held some big bass! Do you know anyone who fishes in a full suit, complete with bow tie, today?

-- Bill Sonnett

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