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Thursday Review: Classic Angling (Sep-Oct 2010)

Thursday Review: Classic Angling (Sep-Oct 2010)

Every two months we will be reviewing the fine British publication Classic Angling. A lot of collectors in America are unaware of this magazine, but it is certainly the largest circulation periodical dealing with antique fishing tackle in the world, and covers a ton of material on both American tackle and fishing history in general. It is an indispensable addition to your library.

The current issue is No. 67 (September/October 2010) and covers a lot of territory. In addition to numerous pages devoted to the latest fishing and tackle news--including previews of the upcoming Lang's and Angling Auction's auctions and a warning on faked 1st model Mitchell reels--there are a number of feature articles, too.

For example, Roger Still gives us "Easy to be Fooled by These Fakes" which covers fake Hardy reels. Articles like this are invaluable in making the collector world safe for both novices and advanced collectors alike.

David Beazley gives us a great historical piece in "The Fishing Monks of Dendy Sadler," which details this artist's wonderful foray into his fishing images.

Neil Freeman gives us "Rainbow's End on Our Bit of the Test" which is a great fishing piece in the long tradition of British chalkstream trout writings.

John Bailey penned "The Delights of Long Trotting" which centers on the traditional British form of fishing known as centrepin float fishing.

Book maven Judith Head deconstructs the life of Sir William Jardine, author of British Salmonidae, in "Inspired By Travelling Around Scotland in a Wheeled Boat."

Tom Kerr and Charlie Fleischmann give us a rare jewel in "Maria, Queen of the Ustonsons" in which they deconstruct this fascinating female and place her in the context of angling history.

I sometimes contribute to this fine magazine, and my own contribution this issue was "The First Big Match" which detailed the battle between Jamison and Decker and how it was recreated by NFLCC members this past summer.

Simon Runting ends the features with " Chub, on a 90-Year Old Allcock Aquatic Spider" in which the author finds, fishes, and ultimately loses this beautiful fly while fishing for chub.

This magazine is an absolute must for anyone interested remotely in fishing tackle and fishing history. It is ably edited by Keith Elliott and you can learn more about it by Clicking Here.

-- Dr. Todd

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