Tuesday, September 7, 2010

News of the Week: 07 September 2010

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The potential lead ban for tackle may still happen....when the kids leave pick up the rod...a striper tale...New Yorkers are on fire...white marlin are being caught at a record pace...two men and a museum...a new record talapia...use some crankbaits!...fly rod popping...pike time in Colorado...hooking kids on environmentalism...is fishing with ultralights inhumane?...women tries to steal reel by stuffing it down her pants...it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

Dave Henderson says anglers are not off the hook on a potential lead tackle ban.

When the kids leave the nest, why not take up fishing?

This Fairbanks woman takes the derby lead.

A Striped Bass tale.

New Yorkers dominate the Greatest Bluefish contest.

The Ocean City Dispatch declares that white marlin are being caught at a record pace.

Fly Rod & Reel gives us the story of two men and a museum.

Shimano has another home run on its hand with the Brench rod.

A possible world record tilapia is caught in St. Lucie.

Berkley unveils a new line of British carp baits.

Not many are using crankbaits, but they should...

Fall salmon are showing up in some rivers.

Fly anglers find action with popping bugs.

Fishing World gives us an early Christmas, down under.

In Colorado, pike time has arrived.

Man uses fishing to hook kids on protecting the environment.

How to become an outdoors-woman.

Is fishing with ultra, ultra-light rods sporting or killing?

Finishing with a Flourish: Shoplifting woman stuffs fishing reel down her pants, gets reeled in by cops.

-- Dr. Todd

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