Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Review: Peter Lellos' Heddon Zig Wag Web Site

Thursday Review: Peter Lellos' Heddon Zig Wag Web Site

I got some great feedback on the recent review I did of Richard Lodge's Skeleton Reel Web Site and Jack Gallagher's Joseph Pepper Web Site, both constructed on the new web design platform known as Weebly.

Today, we'll look at what you a dedicated collector can do to share information and show off their collection using the Weebly web site. It's Pete Lellos' Heddon Zig Wag pages, and it is an outstanding use of both the internet and this new platform.

First of all, Pete has integrated the graphics and text in a very appealing manner. There's lots of nuts-and-bolts information (kind of a dead give-away when the page banner is the patent papers for the 1928 Charles Heddon-designed bait). But as you read down, you discover lots of interesting nuggets of information, as well as some great photos and copies of original ads and catalog cuts.

The second section covers body style changes, and is for the more nuanced collector. Here we get a ton of information distinguishing and helping to date various models of the Zig Wag.

Then we get into Markings. Again, lots of fabulous photos showing the Zig Wag in all of its glory. This gives way to a section on Hardware, which should be a of great utility to all Heddon collectors, and not just Zig Wag fans.

The we get to Color Patterns, surely one of the most popular sections of the site. Lots of great images showing the wonderful color schemes Heddon used on this, and other, lures.

Then we get a short primer on Boxes, which is always a popular subject matter.

Finally, and delightfully, Peter gives us a Summary to sum everything up.

We even get a pair of addendums--first, a possible Prototype Zig Wag! How interesting, and second, a little section on the wonderful Heddon Zig Wag Truck!

What an absolutely tremendous web site, and Peter should be justly proud of it. A perfect example of how the web should be used, and in particular, another great example of how this Weebly platform can be used to educate and entertain.

Great job! Peter Lellos' Heddon Zig Wag web site can be accessed by Clicking Here.

-- Dr. Todd

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