Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Review: ORCA's Reel News (September 2010)

Thursday Review: ORCA's Reel News (September 2010)

The mail brought a welcome gift--the latest edition of the ORCA Reel News. And no news was more welcome than the note from Stu Lawson that his treatment for cancer has been going well. All of us send our best wishes out to Stu, who is one of the truly nice guys out there.

The issue did not disappoint. Bob Halver gives us "The Airex VIC Spinning Reel," a nifty analysis of this ever-popular Airex model. Lots of detail and the kind of work you'll come to expect from the author of a forthcoming book on Airex tackle!

Bob Miller gives us "Think Big! Pflueger's Largest Capacity Reels" about the wonderful Pflueger saltwater models, including the Dixie, Kihoga, Avalon, Sea King, Atlapac and Templar. All fun reels, but the latter two legendary in the big reel world.

Jim Madden gives us "South Bend #1201: A Masterpiece Mechanically and in Beauty." This covers one of South Bend's most rarest models, the first model made with a bakelite spacer. Nifty stuff.

Ed Slane wonders "Where did the Time Go" in his bi-monthly epistle. I did not know that Ed was an airline pilot!

Jim Schottenham gives us the always anticipated "Auction Report," and again, tons of stuff I missed out on. It's always great to see these wonderful pieces.

Finally, RIchard K. Lodge (ORCA's editor) gives us a great article on L.W. Holmes of Oronoque, Connecticut. Most people don't realize Holmes made everything from fly reels to massive saltwater models.

All in all, a great issue! Kudos to editor Richard Lodge for putting this all together.

-- Dr. Todd

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