Monday, September 13, 2010

News of the Week: 13 September 2010

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Ted Williams weighs in on lead controversy...Aussie tackle shop owner battles powers that be...Don Logan may move B.A.S.S. to Alabama...catfish make a Utah comeback...invasive species are not good...waxwing lures are all the rage...Ted Patlen, fly tyer...Bass Lodge...a one million dollar fish...UK writer asks if fishing is a racist sport (quick answer: no it is not)...the making of a surf must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Ted Williams weighs on on the lead controversy and says let them eat lead and die.

Aussie tackle shop owner in battle with local city council to save store.

Don Logan may move BASS back to Alabama.

Catfish are making a Utah???

Why invasive species are a grave concern.

Waxwing lures could be the Next Big Thing.

The New York Post profiles Ted Patlen, winner of the Poul Jorgenson award.

A visit to the Bass Lodge.

Contest winner to fish for a million dollar bass.

Man turns love of fishing into a business.

Britain's Angling Times asks is fishing is a racist sport.

FInishing with a Flourish: The making of a surf rod.

-- Dr. Todd

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