Wednesday, March 31, 2010

President Roosevelt & The Tarpon Inn by Gerald Garrett

Got a very nice email from Gerald Garrett of Texas about the FDR video from the last "Friday Funhouse." Gerald writes:

Enjoyed video clip as I live in Port Arthur. Will scoot on down to the Tarpon Inn where FDR stayed, and on the wall, "as wall paper is what it looks like," there is a thousand tarpon scales. Of which is a scale there signed by FDR. Might have been from this very fish, of which memory serving correctly, was released.
Will take some shots, post on Joes and send to you to do whatever you like with them.

Gerald then proceeded to take a ton of photos and give us a glimpse at a legendary piece of tarpon history, and of presidential lore. Here is his photo essay:

Tarpon Inn from outside.

Plaque commemorating it as a historic site.

Sign showing vacancy.

Outside veranda where Pres. Roosevelt would have smoked as the sun went down.

Front desk with mounted tarpon.

Pictures and signed tarpon scales.

The Tarpon Inn as it originally looked. I believe this incarnation was damaged significantly by a hurricane.

Pres. Roosevelt signed this tarpon scale on 08 May 1937.

Others signed scales, too.

Old photo of the Tarpon Inn.

Roosevelt landing his tarpon in 1937.

Another shot of the President.

On his way back to the dock.

The Tarpon Inn dining hall.

The boat dock attracted lots of men, women and children.

A shot of the dock from the water.

Many thanks to Gerald for taking these and sending them our way! Awesome stuff. Since Joe Pflueger was a member of the Aransas Pass Tarpon Club, I have more than a passing interest in the subject. Very cool stuff!

-- Dr. Todd

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