Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Review: Lang's Spring 2010 Catalog

Thursday Review: Lang's Fall 2009 Catalog

Yesterday I got a very anticipated package in the mail: the Spring 2010 multi-session Lang's Catalog on DVD. This is the second year Lang's has used an electronic format for the catalogs; as always it is easy to use and its greatest feature is that it allows me to "zoom in" on certain items.

This spring, the belles of the Lang's ball will without question be the amazing collection of Stan Bogdan reels. Since Stan announced his "retirement" recently expect these reels to reach some awesome prices. Additionally, there is a fantastic collection of other great reels including the largest Seamaster collection known, a number of Fin-Nor reels, some nifty Kentuckys, a number of rare Kovalovsky reels, and Grey's famed Hardy Special Order that caught the first grander Marlin in history.

So much else to cover! From the Trory Minnow to the Maybug Spoon to the CCBC Fire Lacquer collection, this auction has a lot of great lures. There are also a number of nifty rods including some rare saltwater models. Books (Joe Brooks' collection), flies, catalogs, etc. means this is a loaded auction. Of particular interest in the sporting art which should get some great prices.

As I wrote last time, the photography on the DVD is superb and allows for close inspection of the images through the previously mentioned zoom feature. The layout is clean and navigation a snap, at least on the Mac laptop. I didn't try it out on an IBM but assume that Acrobat Reader for Windows will likewise make navigation easy.

The catalog is available on DVD and by download by Clicking Here. The Lang's auction takes place April 17 and 18.

-- Dr. Todd

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