Monday, March 15, 2010

News of the Week: 15 March 2010

Ice fishing Ontario's Quetico...big fish from a kayak...Field & Stream weighs in on the Task Force brouhaha...a Vermont state record walleye...low oxygen zones in the ocean are a real threat...the movie River Why has a premier date...20 Questions with walleye pro Brett King...the top 10 Oklahoma made lures...the sad decline of the corner tackle shop...the Kingfisher is a much better angler than antique reel with a great story behind must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: A nifty New York Times story on ice fishing in Ontario's Quetico.

How to catch big fish from a kayak.

Field & Stream's Chad Love weighs in on the brouhaha over the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force.

How about a record Vermont state walleye through the ice?

Do we have to worry about low-oxygen zones along our coasts?

Moldy Chum reports that much anticipated fly angling movie The River Why now has a premier date.

Awesome New Orleans home has antique fishing lures as accoutrement.

A beginner's guide to fishing.

20 Questions with walleye pro Brett King.

The winter cold has altered North Texas fishing patterns.

Here are some lessons learned while fishing.

There is a dire need to restock fish -- and fishermen.

An awesome list of the ten most popular lures ever made in Oklahoma.

The economy has taken its toll on pro fishing...

They are celebrating in the UK as the new Shimano rods have arrived.

New Jerseyites are intimately familiar with the Fishing Shack.

One man lists his new favorite tackle.

The sad decline of the corner tackle shop.

Why the Kingfisher is a much, much better angler then you.

Finishing With a Flourish: Antique fishing reels sometimes come with a story.

-- Dr. Todd

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