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Thursday Review: March 2010 Reel News

Thursday Review: March 2010 Reel News

The latest Reel News arrived (March 2010, Vol. XX, No. 2) and it did not disappoint.

In this issue, the centerpiece is a fascinatingly shrill missive from Graham Turner. "The Case for Ustonson's Winch" isn't so much a case as it is a surprisingly emotional attack against Michael Brabin, who took Turner to task in the British journal Classic Angling a couple of months ago. One wonders how Turner will respond to Stefan Duma's eviscerating review of his work in the last issue of the same journal.

Bob Miller gives us "Pflueger Vs. the Backlash: Round 1, The Redifor"--an exciting and informative look at the development of the anti-backlash system by Enterprise Manufacturing Company.

My own contribution this issue was "The Fishing Reels of the John Pritzlaff Hardware Co.," detailing this fantastic Milwaukee wholesale hardware company and the trade tackle they sold.

Richard Braun gives us Part 2 of the "Zebco 202s: Who Cares?" Dick's Zebco research seems to be reaching a boiling point and we can all hope he gets his new Zebco book out this year!

Jim Madden gives us "The South Bend #500ABL," a detailed look at this very nifty and often overlooked teardrop shaped reel. As with all of Jim's stuff, this is well researched and interesting material.

Ben Wright gives us a great mystery spinning reel from Tackle Town, U.S.A. -- Akron, Ohio. Is is a Pflueger? A Shakespeare? Read the article to find out! Stu Lawson weighs in with "The Research Value of Catalogs" in his More Reel Stuff column. Sound words from a fishing tackle sage.

Ed Slane gives us the mirthful "What Kind of Deer is a Roebuck?" A fun look at how a Sears Roebuck Mod. #311 came riding up to the author in Florida. Jim Schottenham's "Auction Report" follows a bevy of reels I can't afford and wish I had. Someday I want to have bought a reel that shows up in his column...

Col. Milton Lorens breaks down the American Classic IV spinning reel in his "Reel Fix" column.

Another exemplary issue. If you are not an ORCA member--and why aren't you?--you can join us by Clicking Here. The Reel News is capably edited by Richard K. Lodge.

-- Dr. Todd

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