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Thursday Review: March 2010 NFLCC Gazette

Thursday Review: March 2010 NFLCC Gazette

The mailman brought a very welcome gift today in the form of the latest edition of The NFLCC Gazette (Vol. 32, No. 122 -- March 2010).

This was an interesting issue as it featured some of my favorite writers. The cover story is a great tale by Dr. Harold Smith, author of the esteemed Creek Chub book. "Dewey Hunt and the Hunt Lure Co. " details the history behind this fascinating Tennessee manufacturer from Watertown. I've been to Watertown and it does indeed feel like entering the 1950s all over again (in a good way).

Colby Sorrells gives us a great story in "Dynamite: Still Catching Fish," the story of the Dyna-Tackle Company of Dallas, TX. These little baits have always perplexed me a bit, as there are a lot of them that look similar, so this should go a long way towards ending speculation about them.

As an aside, Dr. Smith and Colby's articles are models of what I love to see in the Gazette: well-written and researched articles on obscure or mysterious small bait companies.

Fred Sweeney gives us Part IV in his research series on the Production Years for Creek Chub's Original Series and their Catalog Codes.

The recent Olympics got many of us thinking of Canada, and Patrick Daradick's "80th Anniversary of Lucky Strike Baits" gives us a nice retrospective of this popular Canadian company.

Noted Michigan author and columnist for Woods & Waters Terry McBurney gives us a detailed look at the new Millsite Tackle Book by Steve Lumpkin. "A must read-must have" is his take but read the whole thing for a model of how to do a book review properly. Kudos to Terry.

Gregg Stockey, author of his own book Guests at the Buck Falls Club, gives us a neat little article entitled "Three Lures Left Behind."

By the way, Colby Sorrells has announced that the NFLCC will be "recreating" the first bass tournament to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Smilin' Bill Jamison dusting Ans. B. Decker in 1910. Information can be found in Colby's article "Anniversary of the First Fishing Tournament."

Phil Dawson gives us a great piece entitled "American Fishing Line Dryers and Winders" which is an overview of a very easy to overlook collectable. Being the first article (at least I know of) on the subject, Phil is very much breaking new ground here, and it's fantastic. Great collection and great article.

Finally, my own contribution is "12 Questions With Dave Hoover," which details a conversation I had with Dave about all things tackle and collecting. I had not met Dave before but of course was very familiar with him through his sales lists and tackle boxes. What a good guy!

A really good issue that had everything I like to see in it. The NFLCC Gazette is edited by Jim Fleming. Anyone interested in joining the NFLCC can learn more by clicking here.

-- Dr. Todd

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