Wednesday, March 3, 2010

UPDATE: World War II Emergency Fishing Kit History

Noted collector and historian Ed Pritchard, author of the great book on Fin-Nor, sends in the following update to the World War II Emergency Fishing Kit. Ed writes:

The first picture (below) is of the two principle designers of the emergency kit (from my research). I understand they also conducted field studies. The kit, in part, owed its design to big game fisherman and IGFA founder Michael Lerner and big game fisherman and author S. Kip Farrington Jr. with input by others as you mentioned.

The second picture (below) is of Julian T. Crandall of Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co. holding American Can Company's watertight, key-opening can into which the larger kit was packed (as you mentioned in your article, there were two sizes). From what I have been able to find out Crandall also helped design the kit and he manufactured most of it adding in the items made by other companies.

Thanks, Ed! Awesome pics and information. Lerner (with Harlan Major) was also the brains behind the "Tackle for Soldiers" movement. I'll write that up some day soon as well.

-- Dr. Todd

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