Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Visit to the Munich Hunting & Fishing Museum by Arley Phillips

Arley Phillips recently returned from a trip to Germany with his lovely bride, and was able to attend the Munich Hunting & Fishing Museum. Since I'm a huge supporter of museums, I thought a lot of you would like to see how the Germans preserve their angling heritage. Here's Arley's write up and photos:

The museum had lots more hunting than fishing stuff--lots of ornate crossbows, guns, spears, stuffed animals, and mounted fish. A couple huge (i mean HUGE) Pike and Carp were mounted but somehow the pictures did not come out.

I wonder why they had no DAM reels? Overall there were not many reels and only a few older fishing items. Still, if you get to Munich it's worth the trip. I enjoyed it and there was a beergarden down the street [eds. note: the Hoffbrau house?]--they have great beer in Germany.

As a civilized country you could actually sit at an outdoor table, drink a beer, have pleasant conversation with the residents, watch the people , and simultaneously practice your German and English. After a few of the half liters communication became very easy!

Catfish statue outside the museum.

I looked everywhere to find one of these to bring home-no luck!

some sort of line dryer and some sort of reel.



Ryobi cutaway?

Early threadlines.

More early threadlines.

An Illingworth #3.

More spinning reels.

Baitcasters and salmon reels.

Archer spinners and dead bait rigs.

Some interesting dead bait rigs.

More cool archer spinners.

Dead bait rigs.

Awesome Allcock display.

Some interesting phantoms.

Thanks Arley! What a great museum and what a nice write up. I'll have to make it there next time I go visit the hofbrau house!

-- Dr. Todd

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