Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dealer Display Cards, Part 7

Dealer Display Cards, Part 7

This week in our overview of Point-of-Purchase cards, we get a nifty piece submitted by John Etchieson. He writes:

I know that you like the trade houses and their private label items, and as I know you are aware, the Hiawatha was just such a brand of the Gamble's Stores. The Hiawatha BLACK SWAN brand was a line made for them (if my research is correct) by the B F Gladding Line Company, which was essentially their INVINCIBLE brand of Nylon line.
The display card is somewhat unique in that it actually hold a box of the line spools which can be inserted in the cutout space provided on the counter top display card. You will note the code "1-54" that is printed in small size in the lower right corner, which I have surmised means "January 1954"

Cool! Thanks for sharing, John!

-- Dr. Todd

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