Monday, August 10, 2009

News of the Week: 10 August 2009

Dick Streater gets profiled...the record Florida bass...Ollie Hibbeler passes on...a profile of Dr. James Henshall...Ameia Earhart's plane was cut up into fishing lures?...the art of vintage lures...baitcasters then and now...skinny rods = fat tuna...Bass Extractor Jigs...a new record halibut...Jim Rice would have made baseball hall-of-fame earlier if he had only fished...Bernie Schultz gets must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Dick Streater, the Fishing Comedian.

Ken Duke writes about the "other" record bass--from Florida.

Benson--Britain's most famous carp--has died.

Long time NFLCC member Ollie Hibbeler passes away.

Massive rainbow trout is one of Yahoo's most emailed photos.

ESPN/Bassmaster profiles Dr. James Henshall.

Amelia Earhart's plane may have been cut up into fishing lures...

A record blue catfish is landed near Chattanooga.

Angler's catch weighs more than a boat.

Tackle box starter kit is a perfect gift for the young ones.

The Park Rapids Enterprise opines on the art of vintage lures.

John Merwin writes on baitcasters, then and now.

The future for fishing may just be bright after all.

Two grads reunite for deep sea fishing.

Chris Gatley opines on skinny rods and fat tuna.

Bass extractor jigs get a nice write up.

Snook , Line and Sinker.

Aussie angler caught with 2000 fish over the limit.

A Dayton man gets to live out his childhood working in a bait shop.

Big muskies haunt Duluth's St. Louis river.

Five fabulous lures for bass fishing.

Swedes catch new world record halibut.

One writer argues that Boston's Jim Rice would have made the hall of fame much earlier if he had taken up fishing.

12-year old better angler than you, catches 170 pound shark.

Finishing with a Flourish: 20 Questions with Bernie Schultz. And an article by Bernie to boot!

-- Dr. Todd

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