Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10 Fishing Tackle Histories on the Web

10 Fishing Tackle Histories on the Web

We often have a very difficult time constructing the history of various fishing tackle firms; ask any of the authors of NFLCC Magazine and NFLCC Gazette articles if you don't believe.

Sometimes, however, existing companies have already done some of the legwork for us. Here are ten tackle company histories ready for you to start reading right now.

Luhr Jensen's Company History. A model of a company history, this eight page document takes us from the beginnings with Luhr Jensen down to the present, and includes histories of numerous popular baits the company purchased over the years. Written largely by Luhr Jensen's youngest son Phil.

The History of Eagle Claw. A pretty good overall history, a bit heavy on the hyperbole perhaps, but overall informative.

The Story of Berkley & Co The amazing story of prodigy Berkley Bedell gets the short treatment in this corporate history.

Minn Kota Trolling Motors. This is the "time-line" method of telling company history. Not as attractive as a narrative, but effective none-the-less.

DuPont's Stren History. Another too short history. For a company that has been the nation's leader in fishing line for about fifty years, you'd think that they would put a little more time and effort into their history.

Eppinger's Dardevle History. A bit on the short side, and perhaps a bit garish, but informative.

Flambeau Tackle Boxes. Flambeau began as the makers of the famed Halik Frog. They've come a long way since!

Plano Tackle Boxes. Plano chose to go with the short pop up company history. Not bad, but not as informative as the old site used to be.

Mud Puppy History. Perhaps the shortest company history on the web--just two sentences. You've got to show more pride than this!

Suick History. Now this is how it's done. The best company tackle history on the web, and no wonder, as it was condensed from an article in Muskie Hunter magazine. A great piece of fishing tackle history!

Next week, we'll finish off with ten more good (and a couple bad) tackle company histories on the web.

-- Dr. Todd

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