Monday, August 3, 2009

News of the Week: 03 August 2009

Dan Basore gets profiled...the next world record bass will come from Japan...drunken hooligans mar Milbridge Day Cod Fish Races...9 year old catches 8 pound bass...Texas anglers spend $3.2 billion PER YEAR...snook...a fish story around a 115 inch marlin...Tasmanian for porbeagles...and sturgeon...catching fish with books...following Hemingway's footsteps...the best fishing is in Chile? we need camo rods?...William Tapply, son of Tapp Tapley, passes must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Dan Basore gets a great write up in the Chicago Daily Herald.

Why the next World Record bass will come from Japan...

From the Drunken Yahoo File: The Milbridge Day Cod Fish Races are marred by a brawl involving 50-60 people.

Boston sports site Barstool Sports reports on supposed record massive catch-and-release Tarpon in the only way it knows how: massive Boston homerism, factual inaccuracies, and profane comments.

9 year old boy much better angler than you: catches massive eight pound largemouth (with TWO painted turtles in its mouth).

Ray Sasser reports that anglers spend $3.2 Texas alone!

What snook anglers will endure to catch a prize.

A fish story with a 115-inch blue marlin.

Angling in Tasmania .

Update on the World Record Bass that Maybe Wasn't: It was caught on a Bluegill, and maybe, in a restricted part of the lake.

A 100 pound Porbeagle gives these anglers the fight of their lives.

Giving thanks to the sand eel.

Keith Sutton goes fishing for the Sturgeon...

Man attempts to break world record of catching 1680 fish in one day.

Does this look like the face of a man accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars of fishing tackle? Yes. Yes it does.

Why pro anglers are hooked on high-tech fishing.

How (and where) to find cheap fishing tackle .

Catching fish with books.

Look out--here comes the invasive spiny water flea.

From the Late to the Table Files: The Berkshire Eagle looks at the 10 best tackle products of the last 75 years.

An Iraqi war vet catches a unique tarpon.

The High Hampton Inn lures fly anglers through its "Cool School."

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reviews The Big One: An Island, An Obsession, and the Furious Pursuit of a Great Fish.

The Times Argus reviews lures galore.

Chris Hall seeks to remove the mystery from fly fishing.

This Panama man follows in the footsteps of Hemingway.

The world's finest angling is in...Chile ???

A series of bizarre fishing catches. Plus an update.

Gordon McHenry opines on the benefits of bobbers.

John Merwin asks: do we really need camo rods?

Returning GIs to calm anxiety with fly fishing.

Finishing With a Flourish: ORCA Reel News editor Richard Lodge sends us sad news that famed writer (and son of ertswhile Field & Stream editor Tap Tapply) William Tapply passes away at the young age of 69. He wrote a number of fishing books including mysteries featuring fictional Maine guide Stoney Calhoun...

-- Dr. Todd


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VIVA LA STOOL! "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

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This site blows Bar Stool RULES!

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p.s. your dad's a homerism.

Unknown said...

Barstool sports is ten times the blog this piece of crap is

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so let me get this straight. you blog about fish and Bostonians are the homers? I rather look at hot chicks and read about real sports than get off on a large mouth Bass. Get a clue!

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Gotta love the Stool...we're big fans here so keep cheering on el pres but no profane comments. They'll just get deleted.