Monday, August 17, 2009

News of the Week: 17 August 2009

ORCA's Jim Schottenham gets profiled...Russian bloggers like American ice fishing machines...old rods catch new fish...flurocarbon vs. mono...angler creates hot new lure...Plow Jockey lure turns 50...drift fishing in the breeze...Arden reels, made in America...4 killer flies...Big Blues equal Big Bucks...poor girl goes fishing, returns not so poor...tarpon teaches...carp on the fly...Joe Yates, TV must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: ORCA President Jim Schottenham is interviewed by The Collector's Weekly. You don't want to miss this one!

Even Russian bloggers like our American ice fishing machines...

Even old rods can catch new fish.

The great mono vs. flurocarbon debate.

Angler loses rod and invents a hot new lure.

The Wisconsin river anglers are tracking BIG muskies.

The Plow Jockey lure is fifty years old and still catching fish.

REEL Chats with FLW Pro Greg Hackney.

Drift fishing, any way the wind blows.

Missouri angler invents the Arden Reel and makes them in America. Will wonders never cease?

4 killer flies for monster trout.

This Big Blue is equal to Big Bucks.

Dr. Julie Ball tells us how to process a world record fish.

A typical weakfishing trip, backbay style.

Poor girl goes from bar rags to riches.

Huge alligator gar ties Alabama state record.

After years of trying, this angler catches a dream fish.

Giant tarpon produce epic battles and teaching moments.

Catching carp on the fly.

If you've been living under a stone this week, our own Joe Yates is now a TV star.

-- Dr. Todd

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